Dalton 2 : Lost World
Release date: 9/10/2012
Dalton 2 : new experiences
Wave - Against every beat!
Release date: Mar 11, 2011
Immerse yourself in an intense shooter where the beats and rhythm of your own music create the enemies.
Dalton - The AWESOME!
Release date: Apr 20, 2011
Play as Dalton on his journey to kill all of the zombies standing in his way as he achieves TRUE AWESOMENESS!
A.I.R Defense
Release date: Apr 14, 2011
Protect the Earth from alien attack in this futuristic take on the line drawing tower defense genre.
Twins Candy
Release date: Apr 24, 2011
With Twins Candy, the goal is very simple, you clear all sweet tiles like candy, cake, ice-cream to earn high score and step to a bigger challenge each new level.
Rooftop Escape
Release date: May 11, 2011
In Rooftop Escape, try to avoid deadly ledges and obstacles as you plummet down the side of a windswept skyscraper.
Rip Off
Release date: June 1, 2011
With his parents away at work, a tiny bird must protect his brothers and sisters - still just eggs!


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